Our Firm

Zanghi Torres Arshawsky LLP represents landlords, property management companies, Housing Authorities, Affordable Housing providers, and real estate investors throughout Northern California.

Each of our partners has more than 20 years of experience in landlord-tenant law. Our associates have extensive experience in all facets of litigation with a focus on unlawful detainer litigation. Our “of counsel” associations provide our office with a wide range and breadth of experience in all matters relating to the ownership and management of residential and commercial property.

We represent Bay Area owners and property managers of market rate and rent controlled properties and we have expertise in residential rent control ordinances. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to represent our clients in any matter involving rent and eviction controls in court or administrative hearings throughout Northern California

Affordable housing remains one of our sub-specialties with our attorneys having substantial experience with affordable housing program. Our office takes a pragmatic and reasoned approach in representing subsidized and non-profit housing providers with due consideration given to housing retention goals and policies.

We have extensive experience prosecuting unlawful detainer actions. We handle more than a thousand residential evictions a year as well as a number of other landlord-tenant related matters. Each of our attorneys has significant trial experience and we prepare each case with a view toward trial.

In addition to litigating unlawful detainer actions, we draft lease forms for our clients as well as revise and update their property management forms to ensure compliance with Federal and State law, local ordinances and applicable regulations.

Our attorneys also have experience with premises liability issues.  We have defended our clients relative to premises liability and habitability claims.  We also assist our clients in developing strategies for risk reduction for future premises liability.

Our practice includes issues related to the Americans With Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and other fair housing considerations. We frequently work with and assist our clients in responding to reasonable accommodation requests.  We have represented clients in defense of fair housing complaints in court and also participated in many arbitration, mediation and grievance hearings relative to fair housing issues.  We have revised leases, drafted operating manuals and developed protocols with our clients to ensure compliance with fair housing regulations and guidelines. Our attorneys provide classes and training seminars to property managers regarding fair housing laws and reasonable accommodation requests.

Our office takes a common sense approach in zealously representing our clients in owning, managing and maintaining rental housing and commercial properties throughout Northern California.